Monday, October 31, 2011

November Menus Now Available + Change to Monthly Calendars

I have attached the November menus in the above "Calendar" tab. You can also find the district calendars in this location. For November and December, I would like to try something new. At the beginning of the month I typically created a calendar with expected monthly events. This does not include homework. At times, dates and events change and aren't reflected on this calendar as it is sent out at the beginning of the month. Therefore, I would like to refer you to the right column on the main page of the blog instead of a monthly calendar. This will have details regarding the current week and 4-6 weeks of future events. Here I am able to list more details and add changes as needed. Typically my blog is more detailed than the monthly calendar as I am able to add or change events throughout the month. I will be looking forward to hearing your feedback a the end of December. 

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