Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Candy Science Experiment

Students brought in 2-3 pieces of Halloween candy today for a science experiment. We spent time this morning organizing the candy into 15 categories (by bowls). We made predictions, such as: which candy would dissolve quickly, which candy would melt, which candy would sink and which candy would float etc. Then we unwrapped the candy and poured water into each bowl. We then stood around the candy bowls and watched what happened. We started the experiment at 3:00. We ended the experiment at 3:45. See photos below for changes in candy over 45 minutes. Each bowl has a number. See candy key to determine which candy it is. Tomorrow we will see what the candy looks like in the morning and finally at 1:50 when we leave. Students are welcome to try this at home with parent permission. Click photo to enlarge image. 

Day 1 3:00pm

Candy Key
Day 1   3:05pm



Day 1   3:45pm

Day 1   4:45pm

Day 1   5:45pm

Day 2   9:30am

Day 2   1:00pm

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