Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quarter 1 Report Cards Now Available


This year, we will have 4 report cards. One for each of the 4 quarters. 

Please note that Quarter 1 we are not grading two areas: computation (math fact skills) and writing conventions (use of punctuation, capital letters etc).

Please note that many of the concepts in math from Quarter 1 are review. If your child got a 2 or 1 in math adding extra time to go over basic skills at home is a great idea. If your child got a 3 or 4 in math they have shown me they know most or all of the concepts to this point. Quarter 2 will bring lots of new concepts your child will work on in school and at home. 

Please also note that the expectations in reading make a significant increase from Quarter 1 to 2. Reading "Just Right" books at school and at home is essential for students to make future gains as well as gains in comprehension and fluency. In addition to reader's workshop, we also practice word sorts and sight words as more ways to increase student reading skills. 

As we move from one quarter to the next, my expectations for students also increases. Students now have a clear expectation of what is expected from them in all areas. Feel free to review student expectations and our classroom rules on the following link: 

Within the "Curriculum" tab on my blog I have attached the handwriting letter formation template and the 1st grade sight word list (including flashcards). Both are great to practice at home on occasion. 
How to Access Report Cards:

Report cards will be posted to Family/Student Access tomorrow Wednesday, November 16th for you to view and print.  Report cards WILL NOT be sent home from school. 

Steps for viewing and printing report cards:                                                                        
1. Log on to Family/Student Access (the link is below and on the Glendale Homepage under Family Resources). 
2. Select report card from the left-hand column under General Information3. You can open or save the report card as a PDF for viewing or printing

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the report card! 

:) Tom 

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