Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quarter 2 - Start of Mad Math (Math Fact Practice)

Next week we will begin testing the 1st graders on math facts.  Each week we will have a new list of 10 facts for the students to master during the week.  We will call this activity the "Mad Math Minute," and will practice these facts throughout the week using a variety of activities, ending with a timed 1-minute test on Friday. The facts will be given for homework on Mondays as flashcards.  Please cut them out, have your child record the answers on the back, and practice throughout the week so your child is able to recall the answers "quick as a flash" without using their fingers or a number grid.  Please keep the flashcards at home. The purpose is to save the facts into their long-term memory so they will be able to quickly recall the answers when doing more elaborate problems. Please note the half sheet with this information will be coming home on Monday. The note says we will start next week, but when you get it, we will actually be starting that week. So, the kids will start Mad Math Minute next week and have their first check next Friday. Feel free to download the practice tests and flashcards in the above "curriculum" tab. 

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