Friday, December 2, 2011

1st Grade Junior Great Books

I am looking for 4 parents who would be willing to come in and run Junior Great Books groups starting in January. Junior Great Books (JGB) are like books clubs for kids where a small group of kids 8-12 typically all read the same book over the course of 2 days. The parent volunteers guides the lesson and helps students with various activities that are connected with the story. 

Time commitment: 
I need a minimum of 4 parents to make this work. The way I did it last year was we had 4 parents, but they only had to come in every other week (however they had to come in 2 days that week). Two parents rotated every other week. See example below. If I can get enough parent volunteers, we will run the groups during the 1st grade Power Half Hour time frame which is 12:55-1:25. I am not sure which days we will pick this year. Days of the week will depend on the 4 parent volunteers availability. Last year, I believe we ran groups from January-April/May. Therefore, I would need you twice a week every other week. 

Week 1 Monday and Wednesday (Parent A and B)
Week 2 Monday and Wednesday (Parent C and D)
Week 3 Monday and Wednesday (Parent A and B)
Week 4 Monday and Wednesday (Parent C and D) 

If you are interested in helping out with JBG please let me know by Monday, December 5. Parents who have done it before enjoy working with the kids and enjoy the great conversations that can come out of the book clubs. Kids love having time to read and discuss the stories. 

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