Saturday, January 7, 2012

Flat First Graders - Flat Stanley

I hope you enjoyed your Flat First Graders you received from your child over break. I know your child will not stay small forever, but I hope you cherish the flat version of them as they will never grow up, never leave home, always go to bed on time, do their homework, are always well behaved and best of all, always by your side. 

I presented the idea to the kids and they were very excited to create these for you. I asked the students if they wanted to make themselves out of construction paper, color cardboard templates or use an actual photo. Unanimously, all students wanted to create a real minuture photo of themselves. 
If you aren't familiar, Flat Stanley is a fantastic early chapter book series where a little boy gets flattened by a bulletin board and stay small forever. Many children use Flat Stanley in various ways around the world. 

If you go on a business trip or on vacation without your child consider taking your Flat First Grader with you and taking a picture of your Flat First Grader wherever you are (the hotel room, the beach, monuments etc) and then show your child when you get home or email the photo so they can see it while you away. If you have relatives or friends in other parts of the country or the world, consider having your child mail them their Flat First Grader and ask that they take photos with him/her and mail their Flat First Grader back to them with a letter. It's a great way to learn geography and practice letter writing. 

Here are some Flat Stanley links if you are interested, including an app for your smartphone:

Flat First Graders Slideshow

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