Sunday, February 26, 2012

Google Teacher Academy

I am very excited to inform you that I was accepted into Google Teacher Academy 2012. Google host a GTA once a year typically. I got the email after school on Friday. This year the workshop is located in London, England during our spring break. I don't know how many applicants applied but they only take 50 people. They choose 50 people from all over the world so it's a huge honor. I will be involved in a extensive Google training where I will learn many Google educational products to bring back to the Prior Lake-Savage School District and of course Glendale. After the session you are officially a Google Certified Teacher and are then granted access into parts of the Google family of information that isn't open to the public. I am very excited. Below is my application video. Instructions were to complete the online application and submit a 1 minute video on either Classroom Innovation or Motivation and Learning. 

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