Thursday, February 9, 2012

Partner Reading with Mo Willems Books

Last week, I introduced a new reading activity called Partner Reading. During Reader's Workshop and Power Hour, students began a new routine where they sit together (hip to hip) each with a book in their lap (same title). Students take turn reading to each other while the other follows with their eyes. Students share their thinking and ask each other questions throughout the activity. This week, we are focusing on asking who was the story about and what happened in the story. Students have really enjoyed listening to the each other read and helping each other stretch out unfamiliar words. 

This week, we continued partner reading with reading Mo Willems books. This was done slightly different from the above model as students shared one book but still took turns reading. We spent the later part of the week engaged in an author study in honor of author and illustrator Mo Willems' birthday on Saturday. Mo Willems has written many of today's favorite children's series including: Pigeon book, Gerald and Piggy books (elephant and piggy) and Knuffle Bunny. We spent time time exploring book features, independently reading, partner reading, writing short fill in the blank Gerald and Piggy skits, learning how to draw the Pigeon (previous post) and discussing why this author grabs our attention. Below are a few photos of students partner reading with Mo Willems books. Your child will likely be bringing home a Mo Willems book this weekend. Take time to read his books multiple times, reading with different expression, taking turns reading and reading in different voices. 



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