Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Congratulations 1st Graders - Great Job On Your Performances Today!

The first graders did an OUTSTANDING job on singing for the music performance and reading their poetry. It has been so fun to see their writing transform from simple sentences in September to full poems in April. The students have put in a lot of time thinking of ideas, writing, editing and finally publishing. We hope you enjoyed our performances as much as we enjoyed sharing our creations with you. Students were delighted to receive the poems you made for them. What a special keepsake. Thank you again for coming in and joining us on this special day. We had a fantastic turn out and students were so happy to look into the crowd and see your faces. Thank you to Mrs. Gillette for her hard work getting our students ready for the music performance and a special thank you to Mrs. Mueller and Mrs. Bullert for their help with our poetry unit. I added photos of the music performance to our Shutterfly page. If you have photos from the poetry reading, please send them my way. Thank you. 

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