Saturday, May 5, 2012

Special Sharing Week: May 21-25

May 21-25 students are welcome to participate in our special sharing week in our classroom. Each child will be given the opportunity to bring in 1 item to share with the class. Students are allowed 1 item and that item must be able to fit into their backpack. Ideas include: stuffed animal, collections (rocks, baseball cards, coins), photo album, book, toy etc. No animals or pets please. 

Monday, May 21: Kyra, Sam, AJ, Kerrick, Audrey
Tuesday, May 22: Noah, Jada, Brady, Callie, Kedar
Wednesday, May 23: Connor, Cassidy, Joe, Scarlett, Katie
Thursday, May 24: Hailey, Charlie, Jacob, Nathan, Ryan
Friday, May 25: Faith, Ian, Caleb, Hannah 

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