Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Grade Memories

Today, each student shared their favorite memory from 1st Grade. It was hard to choose just one, but students shared what they will most remember. It was fun to hear students share their favorite parts of 1st Grade. 

Charlie - Minnesota Zoo Field Trip 
Hailey - Yearbook Signing 
Noah - Seeing Mr. Deris 
Ian - Mystery Reader
Callie - Reading 
Ryan - Math 
Kyra - Yearbook Signing 
Hannah - Yearbook Signing 
Faith - Yearbook Signing 
Sam - Tornado Experiment in Science 
Audrey - Mom coming in to volunteer with math groups
Kerrick - Tornado Experiment in Science 
Connor - Playing Legos
Katie - Beach Day
Jada - Mom coming in to volunteer in the hallway
Brady - Minnesota Zoo Field Trip 
AJ - Working in the Lounge
Caleb - Minnesota Zoo Field Trip 
Nathan - iPads 
Kedar - Minnesota Zoo Field Trip
Joe - Tyler's Going Away Party
Jacob - Writing
Cassidy - Seeing Mr. Deris and Mrs. Mueller
Scarlett - Yearbook Signing 
Mr. Deris - Dress Up Like A Teacher Day 

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