Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Homework - 3 Opportunities for Your Child to Win Prizes from Mr. Deris

This week, I am sending home 2 optional homework packets to complete over summer break. I am also posting 1 reading homework opportunity below. Each homework activity is worth a prize from my prize bin. Each child has an opportunity to earn up to 3 prizes in the fall by completing the following activities and returning the completed work to me at open house or the first day of school. 

1. Complete Mr. Deris' Summer Math Packet = 1 prize
2. Complete Mr. Deris' Summer Language Arts Packet = 1 prize 
3. Complete a Reading Program (from the list below, from an alternative program or from parent initiated reading schedule) OR log 1000+ reading minutes (using a notebook, calendar or log template below) = 1 prize

Summer Reading Programs:

Reading Log Template

Check out this free Scholastic Reading Timer App

In addition to the above, I am sending home a copy of our 2nd grade addition and subtraction time tests. Feel free to make copies over the summer. In the fall, students will be asked to complete 100 addition facts in 10 minutes or less. Fee free to cut in half or into quarters if needed. As students complete 100 addition facts in less than 5 minutes, they will move onto subtraction, then mixed addition and subtraction, multiplication, division and mixed multiplication and division. 

I am also sending home our sight word list. I am encouraging parents to quiz students on 1st grade and 2nd grade sight words over the summer. Feel free to make these into a memory game, make flashcards or read selected words and ask your child to spell out loud or write them in a notebook. 

2nd Grade - Addition Time Test (100)

2nd Grade - Subtraction Time Test (100)

K-5 Sight Word Lists

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