Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scholastic Book Clubs - September

Scholastic Book Clubs are a fantastic way to purchase great books at great prices. At the beginning of every month, your child will bring home book club catalogues. You can also view these same catalogues online. Second grade is a critical year for reading and the more books a child has access to that are around their level and interest the better reader they will likely become. Scholastic affords families an opportunity to purchase from thousands of well-loved titles at discounted prices, while the class earns points for each book purchased. During September, Scholastic is running bonus points. For every purchase Scholastic gives our class x5 bonus points (up to 7,000 points). I end up using these points to purchase books so students have a variety of levels and interests to read at school and to bring home. See the wish list section online if you would like to purchase titles for the classroom.


Class Activation Code: GTYHZ 
Due Date: Friday, September 21, 2012 (typically 3rd Friday of the month)

View Catalogues (PDF Links): 

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