Thursday, September 27, 2012

EE Day 2012 - 2nd Grade Weather Lessons at Glendale

We had an outstanding EE Day. Second grade focused on weather lessons. Today we had the unique opportunity to learn about weather directly from KARE 11 meteorologist Laura Betker. She did a science experiment where she made a cloud in a bottle and then she talked to students about the science of lightning. She also reminded us about weather safety with the tip "When thunder roars, head indoors". Laura was the highlight of most students day.

This afternoon, we went over to McColl Pond to learn about the following topics. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who spent the day with us! 

* Mr. Deris - Cloud Identification
* Mrs. Anderson - Weather Cycles
* Mrs. Gordon - Wind Socks
* Mrs. Schumacher - Fall Phenology 

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