Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Question of the Day - How Well Do Students Know Their Parents?

I shared with students this morning that for Curriculum Night tonight I was going to have parents participate in a short morning meeting (30 second meet and greet, whip share about their favorite year in school and for an activity we would do a short version of the band-aid lesson). Students thought the idea was very entertaining as they pictured their parents sitting criss-cross in their circle spots. I then shared with students that I was going to give parents the option to sit at a table or sit on the floor or sit in the lounge in front of the SMART Board demonstrating to parents how we get to have choices at different parts of the day. The question of the day on the SMART Board this morning asked students if they thought their parent(s) would sit on the floor or at a table if given the choice. Below is a screen capture of the student's predictions. 

Most students knew their parents pretty well but two students will be interested to know that we had two parents sit on the floor. Thank you to all the parents for humoring me and participating in these activities. I hope it made the presentation a little more fun and gave you a better taste of how I teach and what life is like at school. Click on image to enlarge. 

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