Monday, October 15, 2012

3 Websites to Try at Home in October

Please try these 3 websites at home 
during the month of October

Student usernames and passwords can be found in the inside cover of your child's 
planner in their binder. If a username/password doesn't work, please let me know. 

Xtramath is a free web-based math program that reviews addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts while tracking student progress. This site is most effective when students visit once a day or 4+ times per week. 

EducationCity is an award-winning web-based language arts and math program that utalizes interactive educational activities that capture the attention of young learners with bright colors, catchy music and a lovable cast of characters.  


Raz-Kids is a web-based reading program that utalizes interactive games, e-books and reading quizzes. As students accomplish tasks they earn virtual points and prizes. Students may be asked to re-read an online book if students haven't mastered the comprehension questions. 

There are 3 ways to access these sites. 

A. Type in the above websites on your computer.  
B. Go to my blog and visit the links on the left column

C. Go to my Wonderpage and click the Home tab

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