Monday, October 22, 2012

DC Photos with Google+

Photo Link:

I am excited to incorporate some of these photos into social studies this year! This was my first visit to Washington, DC. I was excited to take lots of photos of historical places I've learned about my whole life. I learned a lot about our country, our history and how our government works. 

DC Highlights:
* White House Tour
* U.S. Capital Tour
* Library of Congress Tour
* Old Post Office Pavilion - Clock Tower Tour
* Washington Monument
* Lincoln Memorial 
* DC War Memorial 
* Jefferson Memorial
* World War II Memorial 
* Vietnam Memorial 
* Korean Memorial 
* Einstein Memorial  
* Arlington Cemetery
* National Cathedral 
* The National Archives 
* National Air and Space Museum
* Newseum Museum 
* Museum of Natural History
* National Gallery of Art 
* National Museum of the American Indian 
* Bureau of Engraving and Printing 
* Smithsonian Castle 
* Georgetown University
* George Washington University
* Dupont Circle
* DC Metro 

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  1. I loved hearing the fun facts through Kerrick from your trip. It makes me even more excited to take the kids in the future.


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