Friday, November 30, 2012

XtraMath Homework is a fantastic new math website we have been using at school to practice math facts. I am encouraging families to also access this website at home for additional math practice. I am able to monitor progress both at school and at home. Student usernames and passwords can be located in your chid's binder. I have assigned XtraMath 2 times per week as homework. Each drill is 3-5 minutes. Students practice by themselves and then sometimes have the opportunity to challenge the online teacher. The hardest thing I have found is that it takes students some practice using the keypad. Students have shared that on occasion parents or older siblings are using the computer and they aren't able to log on. Please visit website when it's convenient for your family. All students are enrolled in addition facts. As they complete each level, they will get closer to moving to Subtraction and then Multiplication (and possibly Division). This is a free website that parents can also enroll siblings. Each time students progress to a new operation they will receive a certificate. Congratulations to Charlie for receiving the first addition certificate. 

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