Saturday, December 15, 2012

Donor's Choose - Chromebooks (2 Projects)

Project #1:
I am excited to announce that the Chromebook Donor's Choose project has been fully funded. It was actually funded in less than 12 hours. Thank you to the families that donated. The estimated cost of 4 Chrome Books (retail) is around $2,000. Due to the partnership with Goolge, Samsung and Donor's Choose the price was $500. Donor's Choose also matched dollar for dollar during the first week which brought the price down to $250. I have received a handful of emails from parents and friends that would have liked to donate however the project was fully funded so quickly. Therefore on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, I will be posting a followup project listing a portable storage/charging cart to house all of the new devices we will be receiving in 2013 (4 iPad Mini and 4 Chromebooks). This will make it easy for students to use the devices knowing they are charged and safely put away. 

Youtube Video
Chromebook: The (always) New Computer
Project #2:
If you are interesting in still donating, I have created a follow up project for a charging/storage cart to house the 4 Mini iPads and 4 Chromebooks.  

Follow Up Project Link: 

Donor's Choose will double all donations through December 22

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