Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Does this Classroom Concept Look Familiar?

Does this classroom concept look familiar? At the TIES Educational Technology Conference I had the opportunity to visit with a group of 2nd graders from the FAIR School in Minneapolis. Although this is not their actual classroom, the model is the same as in their school. The Cuningham Group designed/furnished this room as well as their school. It was interesting to see their "lounge", independent work spaces and small group instruction with their teacher. I also had the opportunity to see this concept in both a high school music and chemistry class.  

One of the representatives walked over to me as I entered the classroom and not knowing me said, "I bet your classroom doesn't look like this". I had to laugh and say, "Well, actually it does". I then explained our classroom concept. It was great to see other 2nd graders are also engaged in this model just like us!

Their "21st Century Classroom" Model  

Their "Lounge"

Their "Independent Work Spaces"

 Their "Small Group Instruction with Teacher"

Our Classroom Design Slideshow:

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