Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Highly Recommended Web Browser App - Puffin

We have been using the web browser app Rover to access flash-based websites such as my Wonderpage. Rover has recently changed their settings and no longer runs various flash-based pages (including my Wonderpage). Therefore, I have found a new app (Puffin) that seems to work even better than Rover did and I highly recommend it as a favorite app. Puffin is flash-based and is fairly fast (unlike Rover). If you are interested in a new flash-based web browser app, check out Puffin. There are 2 apps. One is free (14 day trial) and the paid app is $2.99. We will be using this app at school to access interactive websites. 
App: Puffin 
Cost: Free or $2.99
iTunes Link:

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