Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Starting the first Wednesday in February, all 2nd graders will switch to the subtraction time test if currently on addition. If your child has yet to complete an addition time test with 95+ problems correct in 10 minutes or less, please keep practicing addition time test at home. If your child has already passed subtraction, they will continue as normal (mixed, multiplication, division etc). 

We typically take time tests on Wednesdays mornings. On Wednesday afternoons, students who are currently still on addition will take an additional time test (addition) until they reach 95+ in 5 or less minutes. 

For copies of any of the time tests, please visit my website or see "Documents to Download" tab above. 

Here are some highly recommended Subtraction Apps and Links if you are interested. 

www.wonderpage.com/mrderis (go to Subtraction tab for interactive subtraction games). 

App: Subtraction 
Cost: $0.99 

App: Ladybug Subtraction
Cost: $0.99

App: Subtraction Wiz
Cost: Free

App: Fast Facts Subtraction
Cost: Free

App: Top-It Subtraction (Everyday Mathematics)
Cost: $1.99

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