Friday, March 1, 2013

Green Sneakers: March 4-22

Glendale’s latest and greatest recycling project/fundraiser is now underway!  Green Sneakers is a used tennis shoe collection initiative in which schools get $0.50 per pound of shoes collected.  Money raised will go directly toward enhancing learning opportunities, and giving back to the Glendale community. Shoes must be gently used sneakers: no large rips or tears, and the soles must be intact (no holes). We will accept the ‘nubby’ turf type sneakers but we do not accept the following types of shoes: sports cleats of any kind, whether rubber/spikes/cleats, heels, dress shoes, crocs, flip flops, sandals, work boots, slippers, or any shoe that is not a sneaker/tennis shoe type.)  When donating sneakers, please connect them together as pairs; either by tying the laces together, using a zip-tie, or placing them in a small bag. The collection of shoes at Glendale will begin on Monday, March 4th and will continue through Monday, April 22 (Earth Day). Grade Level Challenge: Glendale will be using this event as a grade versus grade challenge to see which grade can collect the most tennis shoes. The grade with the highest total weight of "green sneakers" will win a prize! Thanks for helping us with this eco-friendly initiative! 

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