Thursday, March 14, 2013

Playing with Purpose - Lego STEM Lesson

This week, we completed a STEM (Science, Technology, Engenieering and Math) lesson using Legos. Students worked in small groups for 4 days. Students were given the task of creating a marble maze with Legos. The only requirement was students had to create a beginning and end. Groups could make the maze as complex or simple as they wanted. 

Day 1 - Each student designed a maze on their own using paper. 
Day 2 - Students shared their ideas with groups, began combining ideas into 1 model. 
Day 3 - Students began building together.
Day 4 - Finished building, student reflection and group presentations. 

Q1. What was the goal of building the maze?
"Getting the marble from the start to the end"
"To work together" 
"To get from one side to the other"

Q2. What went well with your group?
"Building the maze"
"We all worked together"
"Sharing ideas"

Q3. What was the hardest part of working in a group?
"Deciding where to put things"
"Trying to agree on something"
"Putting everyone's ideas into the maze"

Q4. What did you enjoy about this project?
"Working with my group"
"We get to play with Legos, something we normally don't get to do in Science"


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