Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Timed Tests Update - 4th Quarter

During the 4th quarter, we will be taking both addition and subtraction timed tests. Currently, all students are working on subtraction or higher (addition/subtraction mixed, multiplication or division). The expectation for a 3 on report cards is that students will get 95% or higher in 8 minutes or less on both addition and subtraction. Once your child has mastered both of these tests in 8 minutes or less, they will move onto their previous goal. Please practice these facts at home, especially if your child is struggling to get finished in the 10 minutes. Students will all be doing multiplication next year in 3rd grade so it's critical to master addition and subtraction now in 2nd grade.

4th Quarter (focus: Addition and Subtracted tested separately)

4 – Mixed, Multiplication, or Division Facts in 10 minutes or less
3 – Addition and Subtraction facts with 95% accuracy in 8 minutes or less
2 – Addition and Subtraction facts 75-94%.accuracy in 8 minutes
1 – Addition and Subtraction facts 74% or less accuracy in 8 minutes

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