Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Student Responses from Our Captain Book

I am reading student responses from Our Captain Book and I am in stitches. Here are some of the answers I think are spot on! Do the kids know me or what? My comments in ( ). 

Mr. Deris' 2 Favorite Things?
* Argyle and when the class listens (both bring me a lot of joy)
* School and traveling 
* Paris and London
* Argyle and our class
* Technology and the class
* Paris and us
* Electronics and kids
* Paris and Harry Potter
* Paris and school 
* Technology and travel
* Family and friends
  (I love that so many of the kids realize how important they are to me)

What does Mr. Deris like to eat?
* Jimmy Johns, donuts, brownies, stuffed crust pizza sticks, cinnamon rolls, mocha frappuccino (I'm impressed they know my Starbucks order), my Mom's chocolate chip cookies (yes I do Blake)

What does Mr. Deris do when he isn't at school?
* Shops at Target every Saturday (pretty much)
* Cleans his house (eventually, usually Sunday evenings) 
* Goes on vacation to another exciting place
* Report cards 
* He's always at school (LOL)
* Lays on the couch (this kid really knows me)
* He sleeps, shops, eats and cleans (this sums up my weekends) 
* He travels to awesome places
* Sleeps in and takes naps (I do enjoy both) 

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