Friday, December 2, 2011

Glenmart School Store Clarification

1st graders are only permitted to shop if:
1. They bring in cash from home
2. They bring in the form (see below)
3. They have the form filled out before coming to school (students who bring a blank form will not be able to shop - students need to select the items on the form prior to coming to school). You can visit the following website to preview Glenmart items and download the form (you can also download the form below or from the "Documents to Download" tab. 

Please note that next Friday, December 9 our class will not be able to shop as the other half of the school will be shopping for the first time. Starting December 16 through the end of the year students are welcome to shop on Fridays if they have the above. Please know all teachers have varying classroom rules regarding Glenmart purchases. My rule is items go directly into backpacks. Students are not allowed to open the bag at school. Students are asked to not bring items back to school (items purchased should stay home). Thank you in advance for helping keep items at home. 

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