Thursday, March 29, 2012

Earth Month Activities

Earth Month Activities at Glendale are planned by teachers to help celebrate our earth. Help your child complete the Eco-Activity Grid (sent home today) and they can be entered into a drawing!

Nature Walk
Sometime during the month of April students can go on a class walk and pick up  pieces of liter. They can walk around Glendale or venture over to McColl Pond.

Eco-Activity Grid
Students can complete any 5 or more activities on the Eco-Activity Grid. There are 20 activities to choose from.  Each time, a student completes an activity  a parent needs to initial the grid.  Once they have completed 5 or more activities then can hand it in to their classroom teacher.  Their name will be entered in a drawing.

Earth Day
Sunday April 22nd is Earth Day.  Since we don't have school on Earth day students are encouraged to wear earth colors:Green, Brown White, or Blue on April 23rd  to show  appreciation for our planet! 

Nature Poem Contest!
You may also participate in the poetry contest.  Write a poem that inspires you through nature.  You can also include an illustration of your poem.  Turn your poem into your classroom teacher by April 27th.

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