Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's New at the 2012 PTC Carnival?

This year we would like to invite you to help us celebrate the 31st year of the PTC Carnival. Come and join us for a fantastically fun day with your friends.  All of your favorite Gamesare back this year including Freaky First Aid, the Money Machine, Birthday Party game, Plinko and a ton of others!  New this year, look for the Wizard Wire game, more Inflatables and an all new Photo Booth!

All New in the Craft area – make your own dogtags!  Create either a necklace or a keychain! Show your Laker Spirit by using the Laker Logo on your newly minted Dogtags!   Create your own Sand Art treasure to take home (don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming!!!)  And more!

All New Prizes – You have to be here for what is the best prize year ever!  This year we are giving away a Leapster, Kindle, Xbox with Kinect, Ipod Touch, Xbox 3DS and aiPad2!!!!(Again, remember Mother’s day is coming soon!)
And if you like to be scared… must visit the all new Mad Scientist Laboratory presented by Frightmares at Buckhill. 
They are bringing their spookiness to the carnival this year along with their Mad Scientist!  Read on for details….. 

"Mr. Simon" is a beloved teacher at South High. He is super intelligent, and he worked for the NSA in behavior modification before resigning his high-security career and becoming a high-school chemistry teacher. While he was beloved for teaching, he never gave up tinkering with the mind control compounds when he was alone in his lab.
In the course of his most recent class, he was instructing his students on performing a routine chemical reaction. However, a careless student left his cell phone ringer on during the lecture. The student’s phone rang at a crucial moment in the experiment, and Mr. Simon became distracted and added an unfinished compound from one of his private (and secret) experiments to the mixture. A large explosion occurred, spreading the chemicals all over the students. The students quickly began to react and act out of control while also showing signs of phosphorescence on their skin and clothing.

Knowing he had made a grave mistake, and fearing that his ongoing work into behavior modification would be stopped, he…. Please visit for the rest of the story!
We hope to see you, your friends and your family at the community carnival!
Prior Lake High School
April 21st 11:00-4:30 pm
Silent Auction open until 5:00pm!!!!
For more information on games, food, prizes and everything carnival, please visit

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