Thursday, September 6, 2012

Math and Reading Homework

Math Homework: 
Today, your child will be bringing home their unit 1 math packet in their binder. This will be similar to Homelinks. However, there is a front page and back page each night. The front is a review of what we did that day and the back is a review of what we've done previously. Math packets will be collected at the end of each unit. The odd units are long and the even units are short. Please only do the pages assigned. Within each packet are parent notes to help you and your child. Our new math series, Math Expressions, introduces a variety of new ways to do math, new vocabulary and multiple options for problem solving. We will further discuss Math Expressions at Curriculum Night. 

Reading Homework: 
Second grade reading homework looks different than first grade reading homework. Second grade does monthly reading challenges in place of a traditional reading log like in first grade. Each month students will be presented with a printed calendar of reading activities. If students complete the monthly pre-set goal of reading challenges they are invited to participate in the celebration at the beginning of the following month. Reading bags will begin coming home next week to support reading challenges. This year, your child will get full access of our classroom library. I will check in with your child from time to time but if you are feeling your child is consistently picking books that are too easy or too hard, please let me know. Typically, if a child misses 5 words or more as they read, that book is too hard and they will benefit from reading an easier book.

September Reading Challenge Calendar


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