Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reading Bags Are Coming Home Again

This week, students will be bringing home their reading bags again. This year, students will have the choice of picking 2 picture books or 1 chapter book every morning. Students will bring home their reading bag every day. Last year, students selected books from various dot bins. This year, students are able to select books from any bin. This presents some interesting challenges and opportunities. In 2nd grade, we will be focusing on learning how to select a book that is "Just Right" for them. We will be spending a lot of time in the next few weeks talking about what a Just Right book is. Typically, if a child starts reading and comes to 5 words they can't read, they should stop reading and select a book that is easier. I will be reading with each child during the next two weeks and talking to them about what a Just Right book looks like for them. If you notice your child is consistently bringing books home that are too easy or too hard please a) have a talk with your child and b) email me. 

If your child is reading a chapter book, the bag does not have to come back to school until the chapter book is complete and they are ready to get a new chapter book. If your child has not read the picture books in their bag, have them read those books and return them to school to pick more. 

Also coming home this week (at Curriculum Night) will be a parent letter to help you support your child in reading. Consider asking your child some of these questions during and after reading. 

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