Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reading Challenge Clarification

Here are a few clarifications regarding the monthly Reading Challenges

* Reading challenges are presented to students to offer a variety of reading and writing  opportunities at home. September will be more activities that build on reading. October-May will be mainly reading activities. 
* Parents need to initial the activities (box) their child does
* If a student chooses just to read for 20+ minutes instead of doing a reading challenge, that is absoutley fine with me. Minimum of 20+ required. Please write the amount of time they read and initial the box. You can then skip the reading challenge for that evening. 
* At the end of the month, count up the boxes and please sign your child's calendar. Those students who have the minimum # of boxes, parent initials in the boxes and a parent's signature will be given the special reward for that month
* Weekend challenges = 1 activity 
* Feel free to adjust challenges as needed
* See example below (click image to enlarge)

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