Saturday, December 1, 2012

4 iPad Minis Coming Our Way - Laker Educational Foundation Grant

Last month, I applied for a grant through the Laker Educational Foundation asking for 4 iPad minis (32gb) for student use. I recieved news this week that my grant was accepted and we will be receiving a classroom set of 4 iPad minis in December. I will be using these iPads across curriculum to help reinforce basic skills and provide challenge opportunities for students. We will also be using these iPad minis to create various projects and presentations over the next few months. I will be creating a rotation schedule so all students have access to iPads regularly. Currently, 2nd grade classrooms at Glendale shares 4 iPads. We have access to those iPads 1x a week. Having 4 iPads for the sole purpose of my students on a regular basis 5x a week will be exciting. We thank the Laker Educational Foundation for this wonderful opportunity. 

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