Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Classroom Volunteer Website - SignUp Genius

Teachers at Glendale have been experimenting with SignUp Genius this year as a parent volunteer signup website for classroom helpers. I have heard a lot of good things about this site for this purpose. Therefore, I am switching over from my Parent Volunteer Wiki to SignUp Genius starting in December. I have posted dates for December and January already. Parents are welcome to sign up for dates for those months. Certain days are not listed as being available. Primarily, these are days I am gone or there is no school. SignUp Genius is similar to our Wiki however you have to create a free account. The site will email you the day before your volunteer time. You no longer have to email me if you are coming in on short notice as the site will automatically email me once you've picked a date/time. As we begin using this new format, if you have suggestions or feedback please email me. This site will not be used for home helpers, party volunteers or field trip volunteers. The wiki is still available if you need to look up your December dates and transfer them to SignUp Genius. 


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